Pallotine Sisters

St. Vincent was very devoted to Mary and a very special relationship with her. For him, next to Jesus, she was to be our model.

One of his favorite images of Mary was the one entitled Mother of Divine Love. If Jesus was Love incarnate then she truly was the mother of divine love. He kept her picture on his desk and in a little case he kept us his sleeve. He used this when, as was the custom of the day, people would reach out to kiss his hand. He would deftly let the image fall into his hand so the could kiss his most beloved mother.

"In his infinite love God places Mary ... before our eyes as our model. She followed our Lord Jesus Christ on the road to redemption so closely that she surpasses all angels and saints in holiness, grace, and in justice. At the same time ... God gives her to us as our Mother. Through her intercession and the sublime example of her whole life we are urged to follow our Lord Jesus Christ in faith, with a deep and confident love."

But the title that meant so much to him in connection with his foundation was Mary, Queen of Apostles.

"Although Mary was neither a priest nor an apostle, she applied herself to God's kingdom so much that she surpasses all the Apostles. For that reason the Church salutes her as Queen of Apostles."


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