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The Motto and the Seal of the Union were given to the Union by St. Vincent. The Seal represents the three persons of the Most Holy Trinity. The Father is holding the globe of the world, the field of Redemption. The Son, Jesus, is carrying the cross, the instrument of Redemption. The Holy Spirit is represented by a dove hovering over Mary, Queen of Apostles who was named Patroness of the Union by St. Vincent. In the center Mary holds in her hand the scepter of her Queenship and she keeps her left hand extended, distributing God's grace.

On each side of the Blessed Trinity there is one ear of wheat, representing the people (harvest) ready to accept Christ's Redemption. The Motto at the bottom, "The Love of Christ urges us on" are taken from St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians and indicate that all of the members must be impelled by the love of Christ, the Soul of the Union.

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