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"The mission of the Union is to awaken in all members of the People of God a strong faith, to make them aware of their call to the apostolate, and to re-enkindle charity among them, so that all would be united in their commitment to spread charity and that, as soon as possible, there be one flock under one shepherd (cf. John 10:16)...the Union promotes collaboration among al the faithful open to new forms of community and new ways of evangelization."

Its activities are geared toward specific ends including:

among Catholics: promoting the call of each person to holiness, promoting awareness of each person's mission, making accessible an apostolic spirituality, calling them to action in faith, hope and love and strengthening their commitment to the Missions;

among Christians: seeking God's blessing for the work of evangelization through prayer, helping people to open themselves to the light of faith and the saving power of Christ; encouraging collaboration among messengers of the Gospel;

among all people of good will: advocating our living as images of God's love; protecting human dignity; assisting those in need, working for the cause of justice and peace, promoting inter-religious dialogue.

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