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Union of the Catholic Apostolate - Structure

   The Official birth date of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate is April 4, 1835. However during the life time of Vincent, for various reasons, the Union did not develop fully.
Its second birth is when it was officially recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an international association of the Catholic Church, on October 28, 2003. Its Statutes were then approved provisionally for a period of five years and then definitively approved on October 28, 2008.

   The first President of the General Coordination Council of the UAC was the former Superior General of the Pallottine Fathers, Rev. Seamus Freeman. The current President is Fr. Jeremiah Murphy, S.A.C.

   The UAC is active in more than 45 countries on six continents.
“The Union is an ‘auxiliary corps of the Church’, which, in its activities, takes into account the needs of the Local Churches and integrates itself in different socio-cultural contexts by means of an open and flexible structure.” (Statutes Art.58)

   “The entities at the service of the Union are the Local Coordination Councils, the National Coordination Councils, the General Coordination Council with its General Secretariat, the General Assembly and the General Congress.” (Statutes Art.59)

   The General Co-ordination Council is the  Central Body of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate which  is made up of the  General  Superiors of  the  Pallottine  Communities who are the Ex-ufficio members and the Elected  members.

   The National Co –ordination Council  and  Local Co-ordination Council are under the General Coordination Council at the national and local levels respectively.

The Current General Coordination Council of the UAC as of 2012 consists of:

Ex ufficio:
• Fr. Jacob Nampudakam SAC
• Sr. Ivete Garlet,CSAC
• Sr. IzabelaSwierad, SAC

• Fr. Derry Murphy, SAC – Ireland , President
• Fr. Frank Donio, SAC - USA
• Sr. Adelheid Scheloske, SAC - Germany
• Mr. Marek Kalka - Poland, Layman
• Ms. A. Regina Silvia - India, Consecrated Laywoman
• Ms. Mariana Alfonso Mujica - Argentina, Consecrated Laywoman
• Mr. Corrado Montaldo - Italy, Layman
• Fr. Eugene Niyonzima, SAC - Rwanda
• Mr. Dario Ivatiuk Junior - Brazil, Layman
• Ms. Patricia Wisolith - Australia, Laywoman

• Sr. Stella Marotta, CSAC - Italy
• Rosa Colucci - Italy, Laywoman
• Sr. Josephina D'Souza, SAC - Italy

The Secretary:
• Fr. Rory Hanley, SAC – Ireland, 

Union of Catholic Apostolate Website

“The Union is a spiritual family which embraces the most diverse ecclesial vocations, actively dedicated to the Catholic Apostolate.”

The Union of the Catholic Apostolate, a gift of the Holy Spirit, is a public, universal association approved by the Holy See.

It is called a UNION because it is a communio, a communion of individuals and communities inspired by the charism of St. Vincent Pallotti. The source, origin and teacher of all who belong to the Union is Jesus Christ, Apostle of the Eternal Father.

It is CATHOLIC in the sense of universal: reaching out to all of God’s people, is open to all forms of apostolates, and open to all venues of evangelization.

It is an APOSTOLATE because it follow Jesus, the Apostle of the Eternal Father and it exists to further His mission.

The Union recognizes many forms of vocation, different life-styles and various ways of living out a life of commitment and service. The common spirit, common mission and the life of communion with one another all derive from the charism of St. Vincent Pallotti. The Union recognizes the equal dignity of all who belong to the Union which arises from our common likeness to the Creator and the common priesthood of the People of God.

The spiritual center and headquarters of the Union are at the Church of San Salvador in Rome, Italy.

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