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  The word “Cenacle” comes from the term for the Upper Room in Jerusalem in which Jesus and the apostles gathered for the Last Supper (Cena) and where the apostles gathered around Mary in prayer, waiting for the Holy Spirit which came to them on Pentecost. St. Vincent tells us that we must live “as if we are living in the Cenacle, praying always in love and awaiting an increase in the gifts of the Spirit.”

Cenacles are groups of persons, mostly lay, who aspire to follow the ideals of St. Vincent. These groups, according to St. Vincent, are to be like the Holy Family of Nazareth, united in mutual love and sharing. United in faith and love, the members seek to grow spiritually by following Christ, Apostle of the Father. Through their apostolic activities — work, prayer or material help — they serve the Church in her mission of evangelization and sanctification.

Cenacles are centers for apostolic formation and action. Laity together with priests and religious aim at becoming a leaven of animation, cooperation and service to the People of God in whatever environment they find themselves: their parish, their workplace, their civic community. Not a social club but a spiritual family, Cenacles seek to learn how to become witnesses of God’s love and heralds of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

To be associated with the Union one must commit oneself to the revitalization of faith and charity at home and to the spreading of it to the remotest places of the earth. In this way the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ will reap and extend the fruits of redemption. Can anything be imagined more pleasing to God!
St. Vincent Pallotti


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