Pallotine Sisters
St. Vincent

Eternal Father,

You are generous with the special gifts of your Holy Spirit,
and you raise up men and women in every age to continue the mission of Christ
for the salvation of humankind and for the growth of the Church.

We believe that St. Vincent Pallotti was such a man --
filled with your grace, inflamed with your love,
and dedicated to the service of your people.

We celebrate his life and Charism as signs of your faithful and unlimited love,
a treasure for the Church and the world.

In your infinite mercy, we ask you to renew and increase in each of us --
radiant faith, unshakable trust, and all-embracing love.

May your gifts in us come to new life.
May we seek salvation of all as we desire it for ourselves.
May we rekindle faith and charity and spread these throughout the world.
May we turn to the poor as they are dearest to your heart.
May we strive to awaken an apostolic spirit in all Christians.
May we cooperate with all people who seek you with a sincere heart.

And may all our efforts be carried out in perfect union with your Son, Jesus Christ;
be transformed by the creative presence of your Holy Spirit;
and lead us to you, the Beginning and the End of all creation.

We make our prayer in union with Mary, Queen of Apostles,
who accompanies us on our journey, and never ceases to call down upon us the gifts of the Spirit;

We ask to be impelled by that same love of St. Vincent Pallotti,
a love which could not be dampened even by death.



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