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St. Vincent was not only a man of vision but he was a practical organizer as well. In addition to the rule he wrote for his religious communities, he left detailed rules for the two of his major works: the military hospital at the Vatican and the House of Charity for abandoned girls. A major work was the detailed organization of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate in which he organized the entire world's participation in his project of evangelization.

        If St. Vincent were to express his apostolic aims in a contemporary way, it might look something like this:

  Goal: One flock and one Shepherd (Jn 10:16)
  Objectives: 1. To propagate/revive faith
    2. To rekindle charity
    3. To foster unity
  Actions: 1. Create a community of communities: The Union of the Catholic Apostolate
    2. Establish religious communities to ensure the Union’s continuance
    3. Help all to come to know God’s infinite love and mercy
    4. Proclaim the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ
    5. Invite all God’s people to answer their apostolic call to share in the mission of Jesus Christ
    6. Make use of the gifts of nature and grace
    7. Promote the spiritual and corporal works of mercy
    8. Animate, support and provide on-going formation for all who belong to or are called to cooperate in the Union.

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