Missionary Sisters

As Pallottine Missionary Sisters we do our best to spread the Gospel message by any and all means. We follow the spirit and vision of our founder St. Vincent Pallotti by using our gifts and talents to spread the Gospel.

We do this by

  • Living a simple life through the vow of poverty.
• Dedicating our lives to the service of God through the vow of chastity
• Listening to the Spirit through the vow of obedience.

Our Mission Statement

We are Pallottine Missionary Sisters, women called by God and consecrated to Him through lives of:

  The Evangelical Counsels
  Apostolic Service and
  Community Living
  We are witnesses in the Church
  with Christ, Apostle of the Eternal Father as our model,
  Mary, Queen of Apostles, as our Patroness,
  and the Gospel as our Fundamental Rule.
Impelled by the love of Christ, we engage in the Universal Apostolate,
seeking to awaken all Christians to their apostolic call and joining with them in using
all means available to proclaim and revive faith and to deepen the love of God among all people throughout
the world with the vision and zeal inspired by our Founder, St. Vincent Pallotti.

A Bit of History

In 1835, St. Vincent Pallotti started the Union of the Catholic Apostolate, bringing together priests, men and women, religious and lay people; united as a faith community for the common purpose of living and spreading the Good News. In 1838, the Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Sisters) were
founded as part of the Union. The missionary branch, the Pallottine Missionary Sisters, began in Germany as a response to the missionary needs in the Cameroons which were being administrated by the Pallottine Fathers.

Inspired by Pallotti’s motto, “The Love of Christ Impels Us,” the Pallottine Missionary Sisters came to America in 1912.

Currently we have several primary apostolates in the fields of education and health care but our individual ministries differ from Sister to Sister.
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