Queen of Apostles

St. Vincent Pallotti believed that there is a short, secure path to a life in imitation of Jesus: His "most beloved Mother, Mary." One of his favorite episodes in scripture is the scene in the Upper Room, Mary and the Apostles, the infant Church, prayerfully united to await the Spirit.

Mary has a special role in the Church; through her prayers she gave hope and courage to the Apostles. St. Vincent believed that she surpassed the Apostles in merit, for she did so much for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, willingly joining herself to the sacrifice of her Son. He wanted his followers to imitate the way she exercised her apostolate: a faith that never wavered, a life lived in close union with and perfect imitation of her Son, a life dedicated to the service of Christ and his Church.

St. Vincent claimed Mary, Queen of Apostles, as the patroness of his foundation. Just as Mary became the great intercessor for the Apostles in the days leading to Pentecost, she still intercedes today for those continuing the apostolate of her Son.


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