Pallotine Sisters

Blessed is the Sister of the Catholic Apostolate who, like her Founder, St. Vincent Pallotti:

  * spends her life only for the Infinite Glory of God and the holiness of every person;
  * imitates Jesus, the Apostle of the Father, living in continual communion with God so as to know and realize the Father's Plan of love;
  * searches for God's Will in every event, every creature, always and everywhere -- motivated only by love;
  * revives the gift of the Pallottine charism in herself in order to rekindle faith and love, awakening in every baptized person the consciousness of being an apostle and a missionary;
  * respects the image of God in which she and every persons she encounters are made;
  * lives in simplicity, humility, availability and spiritual joy, making the values of the Holy Family of Nazareth the basis of her community life;
  * broadens the horizon of her heart so that her apostolate becomes ever more universal;
  * remains in the Cenacle to implore the Holy Spirit to send holy apostles to his Church and, as soon as possible, to form one flock under one Shepherd.

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